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1. Marketing Supporting/Trainer

Location: Beijing
Job Description:

Department function:
Provide training for Internal staff;
Provide project training for company clients and keep a good & professional corporate image;
Help to sell European properties in China;
Help to build internal appraisal system , promotion mechanisms and update them regularly;
Gather properties information from various source – edit training materials – design exam paper – training – conduct assessment.

a command of basic mandarin, speaks fluent English and writing proficiency;
with sales experience or education/legal background is preferred;
pleasant appearance and temperament;
accept frequent business trips;
strong communication skills and ability to understand, excellent writing skill, logical and sensitive to numbers;
must be over 30 years old and has a clear career plan.
good self-discipline, comply with company rules and regulations, willing and be able to cooperate with the market-related activities.

2. 海外英语翻译(同时,我们也需要葡语、西语、希腊语和意大利语等)


工作职责 :

1. 在国外负责客户的接待工作,包括行程安排、陪同参观以及促成签约; 
2. 整体行程会涉及当地多个房地产项目; 
3. 在国内客户和国外律师、国外房地产商之间负责口译工作;
4. 针对相关的法律文件也要提供翻译支持。 


1. 英语听说读写流利,有海外学习以及工作经验者优先考虑; 
2. 中英语均需要良好的应变沟通能力,能够及时协调; 
3. 同时也要与同事一同面对异国他乡的生活; 
4. 我们可能无法100%的保证朝九晚五的生活状态;
5. 但我们会提供有竞争力的薪资结构。


关于戴尔斯克的介绍,可参考下文,或浏览我们的主页: www.delsk.com
"DELSK Business Co,. Ltd. was established in 2008 in Cologne, Germany. In the early stages of our company, our main focus was helping Chinese entrepreneurs develop their overseas investments.
We helped with creating business investment models, analyzing foreign markets, registering companies overseas, applying for short-term business visas, applying for long-term residency, scheduling and hosting business trips to destination countries, documents and conferences interpreting, and accounting consultation. Countries involved were Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and other European countries.
Along with the growth of China’s economy, Chinese got to know more about European countries.
Thus, more and more Chinese middle class were starting to immigrate to Europe and send their children to Europe for school. This became a very popular trend throughout mainland China, and we quickiy realized the need for clients purchasing property in Europe . Therefore, we gradually shifted our main direction to providing a consulting service for Chinese to invest in properties globally, and to meet their needs of global asset allocation.
Up to now, we have provided services in Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Canada, US, New Zealand, and Greece. "


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