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Strand Rederi is seeking personnel for the summer season of 2024 (May-Sep).

Job Description:

Strand Rederi, based in Stockholm, specializes in boat charters with three unique vessels. We cater to those seeking both a sightseeing experience and festive events such as parties, weddings, and mingling transports, serving both private individuals and corporate clients. Our work environment is diverse, offering opportunities to work during the day with our sightseeing operations and in the evenings during our party cruises and events.

We are looking for persons that speak excellent Chinese that can work on our ships during our daily sightseeing tours. We offer sightseeing both to Chinese groups and for other nationalities. If you are an exchange student with a valid residence and work permit looking for extra work this summer (may-september), look no further! 

With us you will have the opportunity to work a lot and make a decent salary durning the summer period, as well as a chance to making Swedish friends and creating a positive job experience that will add valuable credentials to your CV. 

Your responsibilities will include: 

******* Working in our on-board café / bar
******* Acting as a shipmate and being part of the ship’s safety crew
******* Acting as Chinese speaking live guide during our boat sightseeing tours

You do not need to have experience with working in a restaurant, as a shipmate or as guide before. We will teach you what you need to know in order to do a great job. It is however a requirement that you are of good health, and have normal hearing, eyesight (corrected with glasses is OK) and normal color-vision in order to pass the health examination required to act as shipmate.

We are looking for individuals with the following qualities:

******* Open to learning new things
******* Practical-minded – hands-on!!
******* Having received an Academic or other higher education, or currently a university student
******* Outgoing!! You have cheerful and positive attitude
******* Responsible
******* Excellent Chinese and good English skills

Seize the chance to make a splash this summer—work, earn, connect, and elevate your professional journey with us!

Do not hesitate to send a personal letter via email to niclas@strandrederi.com. Tell us about yourself and why you believe you are well-suited for the job. We appreciate concrete examples of how you align with the qualities we are looking for.

Applications are accepted via email to niclas@strandrederi.com, and we will be recruiting on an ongoing basis.


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