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*工作地点:波兰华沙 Konstruktorska 12/12a, 02-673 Warszawa, Poland
1.        协助销售落实领域的营销计划,开展营销工作;
2.        协助联系客户,组织交流会议等;
3.        协助联系内部各部门,确保订单交付等
1.        本科及以上学历,理工科或商科专业优先
2.        对营销有一定的积累和独到的理解
3.        善于沟通合作,做事积极主动,认真负责,有灵活变通的营销潜力
4.        良好的英文听说读写能力,会波兰语优先
5.        熟练掌握 MS(Word, Excel, PowerPoint)等办公软件
Contact : zouming_5000600@yofc.com; lishuhai@yofc.com
WeChat: 55530524
Position: Sales assistant
Location: Konstruktorska 12/12a, 02-673 Warszawa, Poland
******* Communicate and report all relevant Customer meetings and callinformation within a reasonable timeframe.
******* Assist in sale support such as achieving sales target. Offerquotations and prepare tender documents.
******* Assist in coordinating internal communication for internal salemeeting and report.
******* Assist in office management and business trip management of theteam.
******* Bachelor degree or above. Major in Electronic and ComputerEngineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering orBusiness Management will be preferred.
Good command of written and spoken English
******* Ability to take responsibility and commitment of your ownmissions
******* Ability to work under pressure with a self-motivated andchallenging mindset
******* Ability to communicate with different stakeholders and be theproblem resolver
Contact : zouming_5000600@yofc.com; lishuhai@yofc.com
WeChat : 55530524
Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (also known as'YOFC'​)  is established in China in May1988. It's a technologically innovative manufacturing enterprise specializingin optical fibre preforms, optical fibres, optical fibre cables and integratedsolutions. Providing as leading supplier a variety of different products andsolutions for world’s telecommunications industry and other industries offeringits products and services to over 70 countries and regions around the world.Adhering to the mission of 'Smart Link Better Life', YOFC devotes itself to becomingthe leader in information transmission and smart links .

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