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1. 具备本地或海外物业投资及移民范畴的专业知识
2. 有两年或以上行内的相关工作经验,以管理职级为佳
3. 熟悉本地法律法規,或具有相关法律专业网络
4. 操流利普通话及希腊语,而同时能以英语沟通者更佳

如有兴趣,请联同个人履历发送电邮致 maew.504@gmail.com


We are an investment company based in Europe and would like to extend our business to Greece. We are looking for an admin manager who will help set up our office in Athens and continue the managerial duties in long term.  

The candidate is expected to have:
1. solid knowledge in the field of property investment and immigration, both locally and internationally 
2. at least 2 years of progressive experience in the field, preferably in managerial positions
3. good knowledge of local laws and legislations, or an established network of legal experstise
4. fluency in Chinese and Greek, and knowing English would be a huge advantage. 

Interested parties, please reply to maew.504@gmail.com together with your CV.

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