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Highly-motivated PhD students are sought to start in Fall 2016 under Professor Dong Li (University of California, Merced) in the areas of large-scale parallel systems (computer science). Funding for students is expected to be in the form of research and/or teaching assistantships. 
Desired qualifications: 
- C/C++ programming ability; 
- Basic knowledge and experience with Linux system;

Preferred qualifications (but not strictly required): 
- System programming experience;  
- Experience or sufficient knowledge in parallel programming models (e.g., CUDA, OpenMP, MPI, and OpenCL); 
- Experience/interest in large-scale performance analysis and modeling, and computer architecture simulation;  

For further information: 
- Please contact Prof. Dong Li at dli35@ucmerced.edu. To apply, please email a current CV, transcript, and TOEFL and GRE scores. 
- Professor Dong Li has wide connection with industry and national labs, which is very helpful for students' career development.
- UC Merced is the tenth campus of the University of California. It is located in the California Central Valley, approximately two hours drive from the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, and one hour from the Yosemite National Park.

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