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I bought a bottle of oil at the FOOD SECTION of MANGOO SARL 歐華超市(address:6-8 rue de Strasbourg, 2560, Luxembourg) to cook my dinner with onJanuary 1, 2016. After eating the oil, I felt the smell strange. The next day,I read the label on the bottle very carefully. There was very small print says,"EXTERNEL USE ONLY." I FELT MAD and angry, even though nothing badhappened to my body. I went to the supermarket on January 3, 2016 to ask for acompensation of euro 1000 but the owner wasn't there. One hour later, Ireceived the owner's phone call. He was rude, and very impolite. He didn'tapologize at all and said he would not pay me a dime.  Please don't go to that supermarket again.  As a matter of fact, there is another Chinese super market 樂購 next to it. The staff at 樂購 are much more friendly and polite. Thanks.

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who cares?!
retrospect yourself.

[发布:北京时间 2016/4/2 5:19:58]

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who cares????
if nobody cares, they will piss on our face in the future.

@footix, if i were you, i would complain to the authority
an simple email can work then the owner will behave. 

[发布:北京时间 2016/5/7 17:50:38]

名号:cpvhw 男

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