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China Light 招聘信息
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China Light Festival b.V. 招聘信息

Jobtitle: Project onsite communicator and coordinator


working period: full time, from March to June

working place: Budapest


Mainjob responsibilities:

Serve as onsite communicatorbetween Chinese artisans and venue staff, translate between different partiesto make sure the communication goes smoothly and accurately.


·     Serve as onsite eventcoordinator during the whole festival period including setting up, exhibitionperiod and dismantling time.


·     Take care of the daily liferequests from Chinese artisans.


·     Coordinate with marketing,logistics and various event-planning teams and attend meetings when it’sneeded.



·     Fluent in speaking Hungarian and Chinese

·     Good communication andmultitasking skills

·     Driver license (not compulsive)

Salary: will be discussed in the interview 


contact person: yun zhu

email: yunzhu@tianyuculture.com

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